A relevant bite-sized course

Figma For Beginners

Design like an industry-leading professional in Figma over lunch

Become a pro with Figma and its tools on your lunch break

This course consists of bite-sized videos that teach Figma fundamentals and give you examples of how to use them most effectively.

Do You Struggle Learning Modern UI Tools?

  • Is switching from Photoshop seem too hard for you?

  • Don’t have too much time on your hands?

  • Do you need a structured material to fly through?

  • Does the abundance of new tools make your brain hurt?

  • Are you preparing for a new jobĀ or a job interview?

  • Do you want to get better and improve workflows?

Design User Interfaces Like A Pro

Learn all the basics first, and then shift the gear to the pro level.
We will cover workflows, shortcuts, tips, and tricks to get you designing in Figma in no-time.

Introduction to Figma

Get started with Figma in less than 5 minutes. We will cover where to get it and how to install it.

Getting over the UI

We will cover Figma’s user interface so you wouldn’t feel lost. Learn how to create and organize new files.

Frames and Compoents

Create Pages, organize your designs with Pages, Frames, Groups and Layers.

Panels & Tools

Use tools efficiently. Operate the basics like the Select tool and moving to more advanced like Text and Pen

Multiplayer & Prototyping

Use Multiplayer with Prototyping features to test your designs on different devices and Shadow the User

Client Presentations

Create beautiful interactive presentations of your designs. Show off to your clients or potential employers
David Svezhintsev

David Svezhintsev

Founder and CEO of Favored Crew – company that helps businesses and startups to create web apps and websites and increase marketability by providing services like Web App Development and User Experience design.

Former Front-End Developer and UX Designer at J.B. Hunt, Brothers & Company, Byers Creative.

I helped companies like Remington, Bushmaster, Walmart, SemGroup to solve their problems, as well as individuals/startups like John Amatucci, EndQuote, and BadJupiter to kickstart their successful ventures.

Co-organizer of TulsaUX meetups.


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David Svezhintsev, CEO of Favored Crew